Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flowing and Going: Putting the Law of Attraction to Work For You

Hi everybody! Writing this on Halloween and just got finished making the rounds to the different Fall festivals with my 9 year old son Javon. Enjoying life and having fun with your kids is a vital part of being in concert with community as they are the future. Everyone at my house is busy getting things planned for the upcoming holidays and I am busy making out some personal goals of my own.

This week in InVestWorks we talked some about the law of attraction and how it works as a positive force in everything we do. The law of attraction is comprised of the forces of nature around us and the actions we take tend to act as a magnet and attract similar items in nature. Think of yourself as being in a boat on a raging stream. You have two choices: You can fight and paddle upstream against the current or you can go with the flow and see where the river takes you.

Most of us have been taught to "go upstream" -- that is to act on life before it acts on us. The incredible thing is there is a guiding compass inside each of us that can sense when we are not in sync with the world around us and we get a feeling of being out of balance. This is also true when it comes to thoughts and decisions about how to make and use money.

Many of us have been programmed to think only in terms of career and jobs when it comes to how money works. In InVestWorks, the most critical concept is the principle of resource allocation. If you stop to think about how much the average person earns in their lifetime, imagine what would happen if everyone learned how to share that as a community and invest it so that they could grow it several times over. Astounding? Not at all. This is simply putting the ultimate law of attraction to work for us and learning to turn our upstream paddling into a real situation of "flowing and going".

Want to learn more? Join our group and get into the process of learning about money, community and the law of attraction. It's simply about getting to know about how to make the "flowing and going" principle work in your favor.

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