Thursday, December 24, 2009

2010: Are Your Plans Ready Yet?

Happy Holidays everybody! Thanks to all of you have supported me and my blog through the year and gotten me to this point. I do have plans to make Smart Social Investing more informative, have links to items of interest for you the reader, and to try to add more interesting and intriguing content.

2010 is around the corner and the obvious question beckons: Have you done your New Year planning yet? I am not done myself but for the most part a great part of my planning this year will be focus to work on my writing skills and to develop my skills as a copywriter and blogger. I also plan to add more readers and friends to my social networking pool so everyone who reads this is more than welcome to find me and be a part of my social networking world.

What are your plans? Do you plan to concentrate on having more free time? Is weight loss your bag? Whatever it is, I want to hear from you! If there is something you want to see here in this blog I want to hear that too. Leave a comment here and let's hear it. Have fun and happy holidays,

E, king of nye

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Struggling in America: The Need For Improving Recession Cycle Personal Finances

It's true that there is a recession going on all around us. No doubt you know people who have had their homes foreclosed, cars repossessed, or lost their job without being able to find a new one. While this is devastating news, the facts are probably worse. The truth is that the recently unemployed needing cash are not all counted in the unemployment figures you hear and there are a lot of folks out there looking for a solution.

I have seen a lot of people start to look for online income to improve their recession cycle personal finances. One way to do this is to employ personal affiliate financial strategies. Affiliate marketing is free to get into in a lot of cases, can help you and other people that you tell about it, and is one of the simpler ways to help improve your personal cash bottom line. A lot of people are awed by it and unfamiliar with it and this may be the reason for them choosing not to try it out for fear they may fail.

The fact is, people are what make affiliate marketing work and there is no shame in earning a living referring products and services to other people and getting paid. The principle of people is what Investworks is all about and earning simply and teaching others how to do the same. The axiom of giving a man a fish versus teaching him to fish and feeding his hunger for life is true. Learn how to end the struggle by starting with the power of you and three partners who can get past the poverty of recession by embracing the idea of community and money.

Start today and see how easy developing your own personal affiliate financial strategy can be. Check out Investworks, sign up with me and lets get started now. Even if you are recently unemployed, looking for extra income for your family, seeking to stretch your dollar or looking for ways to start a business without the financial headache, Investworks is your answer!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Circle of Community

Ever wonder why it is that money comes and goes? It's called cash flow and its something that most real estate investors are more familiar with than the rest of us. A certain amount of cash comes in from different sources but then goes back out to pay for things you need and want. Its a natural process and all of us go through it. Question is, how can you use it to work in your favor?

To improve cash flow, you either have to decrease your expenses or increase your income. Most of us are cut to the bone , especially in this economy, and can't afford to reduce anything anywhere. So that leaves increasing income. How do you do that?

One of the way most people online are doing it is by getting paid for creativity and ideas. Me and a lot of my friends are using places like eHow, Xomba, Associated Content and places like it to share articles, ideas and news that other people are searching for. You get paid for what you produce and find. The more people that like your stuff and look at it and use it, the more you get paid. This is something that's catching on and a lot of folks are doing it to increase income.

Another way is by getting affiliate income from sales and from MLM companies that pay commissions. Yes, those commissions do add up and the smart person will pay a little and get a lot. This is the base of a concept like Investworks -- You invest a little money at the lowest possible cost and invite a few people who see the idea of returns from these commissions as a way to increase their cash flow. Eventually, these get you a lot of bang for the buck and you can see the bottom line go up slowly but surely. This is what I call the Circle of Community -- there is a big pool of cash that circulates and everyone can use it to increase their income and cash flow. And the thing is, it doesn't cost anything other than a few dollars to take advantage of it.

If you are intrigued by all this, now is the time to take action. Check out the site and see how all this can work easily for you. Now is the time to increase your cash flow, show your friends how to do it and have your own Circle of Community.