Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bold New Ideas For 2010: Community In Action

The New Year is here and already I've got the calendars and the planning tools out. This year, I plan to be smart and to work in concert with my friends and business partners to do my part to make 2010 successful. Sooo, what are some things you can do to get the ball rolling and motivate your friends and business partners to do the same?

1) Communicate. Call them up and ask what they are doing and share ideas. Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are good too. No man/woman is an island and your profit ideas will never work in a vacuum. So share them with your friends and business pals.
2) Write down goals and then work to make them happen. If you are part of a team, talk to your team members and talk about how you will work together to get things moving. Set time frames and hold to them. Action makes plans work so plan some actions into your goals.
3) Support and ask for support. Get out and visit your friends and business partners endeavors and let them know they have your support. Encourage them and then ask them to support you too. If they got a blog, ask them if they want you to do a guest post to help add content to what they are trying to accomplish. Network, it's what successful people do.
4) Read, study and educate yourself. Now is the time of the year when you should plan going to seminars, taking courses and getting yourself more educated about the finer points of your business. Seek out the most knowledgeable people in your business and see what they are endorsing as good courses to take or professional seminars to attend. This is how you learn to get better at what you do and stay ahead of the competition.

What are your plans? Do you have a favorite course to recommend to others or are there things you have done that make it easier to work with your friends or business partners. If so, leave your comment and share it here! Have a great week!

E, king of nye