Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are You a Survivor?

Hi Everybody,

Fresh back from my recent trip to the the Steel City Pittsburgh and I must say it was a rather enjoyable trip. I caught a Jazz concert while I was there, a Pirates game, and entertaining conversation from my driver Willie who gave me lots of info about all things Pittsburgh (smile). I did quite a bit of walking about downtown Pittsburgh and got to meet some of my fellow Steelworker brothers from across the country.

The thought this week is about survival. In these tough times, a lot of people are doing whatever it takes to make it from week to week to make ends meet. This often means tough financial choices because of limited money and resources. If this is you, you should consider InVeStworks as an alternative source of income. Here in our community, we teach the principle of abundance and blessing from everyone sharing. Are you a survivor? Do you need more than what you have now to make ends meet? If so give us a try and start living!

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